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Caring for our planet

At ICEC we believe that, being the citizens of this planet we must recognize own stake in the plight of the environment and we are all equally responsible for what has become of it today. We also understand the fact that in order to bring about a change globally we should first to bring about changes in our lives, neighborhood and our locality. Our combined and concerted actions in our locality can bring about changes in this world that we all yearn for.

Although southern Africa, India and the United States seems to be geographically distant, we must realize that the droughts in Southern Africa ,the cyclones in India and the hurricanes in the US are not a standalone phenomenon. Our lives are have become increasingly interconnected and so is our environment and hence our economies. Our failure to realize these simple facts can bring about huge economic disasters than the ones we are facing now in the present scenario.

The first and foremost step that we can take in this regard in order to avoid such a situation is become aware of our surroundings, our locality and our environment. ICEC’s initiatives will be directed so as to help make people aware of their actions.

However Awareness alone without a determination to better the environment is not effective either. This determination involves a personal and community promise to make the environment a priority. By making people realize their stake in the plight of the environment, we at ICEC believe that individuals will see that his or her steps to better the environment locally and globally will benefit everyone, and are not acts of charity instead our responsibility and duty. Finally this attitude can spread rapidly, stimulating others to recognize the ripple effect individual commitments have in the global light.

Our world is in need of healing.

If you find delight in protecting our planet, and saving it for our future generations, why not consider joining us? Get in touch today!
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Ms. Divya Nayar - Cultural Ambassador for ICEC.

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